Board Appointments

In the German-speaking parts of Europe, we are regarded as one of the leading players in Board Appointments. We are entrusted with mandates aimed at adding expertise, organizing succession management, restructuring the Board in preparation for spin-offs and IPOs and making new appointments in the event of major restructuring programs and corporate reorganizations. Sometimes, we are asked to resolve a crisis situation! Board renewal was on our agenda long before international investors began to call for better corporate governance and greater professionalism in top management. Indeed, we have been dealing with these matters since as far back as 1989. We were one of the co-founders of the Bad Ragaz Board Member Days and are frequently invited to speak at corporate events or write a column for the business press. Either way, we adopt a clear position and articulate firm opinions. When it comes to evaluating and renewal boardrooms, our clients tend to involve us, in the capacity of professional and independent consultants, at an early stage in the proceedings.

Phase 1

Familiarization with the task 

Client briefing

Draw up of the job specification(s) (exposé)

Compilation of relevant client and mandate information

Development of a transparent search strategy

Market and data base analysis, market intelligence 

Preparation of an encompassing potential candidate‘s long-list 

Phase 2

Evaluation and benchmarking of potential candidates

Selection of „to be approached“ candidates 

Direct approach of selected candidates, carried out personally by the project leader

Presentation of the mandate to potential candidates

Interviews, assessment, selection

Feedback discussion with the candidates 

Presentation of results to the client 

Preparation of candidate files 

Definition of the short-list 



Phase 3

Presentation and discussion of the short-list 

Introduction of the finale candidates to the Board Members 

Supporting of further evaluation and selection process of the finale candi-date(s) incl. decision making 

Compliance incl. approval process by candidate’s employer

Mandate agreement / contract