Executive Search

The diversity of our client structure is reflected in the diversity of the mandates with which we are entrusted. Yet they all centre on one thing: finding the best solution for the task at hand. We possess the necessary tools and depth of experience. We achieve the necessary transparency in the international executive market by taking a professional and international research approach based on the latest information and database technologies. We either already know or we can find the person you are looking for. Our outstanding track record speaks for itself.

Phase 1

Familiarization with the task 

Client briefing

Coordination of the timetable

Elaboration of the exposé

Finalization of the specification and the profile

Development of a transparent search strategy

Elaboration of a target-companies list

Phase 2

Data base analysis/market intelligence 

Preparation long-list external/internal profiles

Discussion long-list/selection of profiles to approach

Direct approach, carried out personally by the project leaders

Interview and evaluation, carried out personally by the project leaders

Validation of the results

Preparation of the dossiers

Preparation and calibration of the short-list

Selection and determination of the "to be presented" top executives with the client

Phase 3

Presentation of the selected top executives

Supporting of the further selection process 

Selection of the final top executives

Reference checks, assessments

Winning of the finale top executive

Moderation and support of contract negotiations

Integration assistance