For the Client


Knight Gianella & Partner assures each Client exclusiveness during the course of an assignment and guarantees not to conduct a comparable search at the same time in order to avoid competitive situations in the narrower candidate circles.


For Knight Gianella


The Client grants Knight Gianella & Partner the exclusive right with the placement of a search. The exclusive right can be negated on mutual agreement provided that this step is of decisive importance in order secure the successful conclusion of the search.

Terms and Conditions

It is the aim at Knight Gianella to advise our clients independently, objectively and free from conflict of interest. For this reason, we do not accept assignments on a contingency fee basis or according to a commission based on the salary of the post found or that of the candidate placed.

In drawing up a budget, we plan to conclude any assignment entrusted to us in a professional and committed fashion – and on time. Which is why, when the contract is given, we agree with our clients a fixed sum, this to be billed in monthly instalments.

We calculate our fee by taking into account the type, scope, difficulty and overall complexity of the assignment at hand.

The expenses we incur for research, databases, secretarial work and other administrative outlay are billed at 10 to 15% of the fixed fee. Costs such as traveling expenses or other services will be itemized and billed separately.

Should the assignment not be successfully concluded within the schedule agreed, we will guarantee to continue providing our advisory services for no extra fee until the assignment has been completed. However, we will bill for any expenses and charges incurred. Similarly, these conditions apply in the event of a new appointment turning out not to be sustainable within the first twelve months.